Are you getting married? Congratulations! We bet you’re looking forward to your special day. Have you thought much about what you will wear? There are so many different clothing options when it comes to weddings. So, to help give you some inspiration, we have gathered a few ideas for you to help you find the perfect outfit for your big day.

The classic suit

Want to go with a full-on classic outfit? Then the classic, black suit is perfect for you. A stylish and traditional suit is the typical choice for weddings and is a timeless classic. Combine your black suit with a white shirt, for a traditional look. Or you can choose to wear a waistcoat in either white or black.

The suit is usually worn with a bow tie or tie, and typically, the tie is also black. For a smarter, more modern look, you can also choose a bow tie in white. This will make your suit appear more like a tuxedo, which may be a great option.

Give your look a small twist that sets you apart from the crowd

Is the classic black suit a little too traditional for you? Then you can put a twist on your suit without being too adventurous. There are many opportunities to add a little colour to your wedding outfit without it being too much.

A smart way to incorporate a little colour is to choose a tie or bow tie in a contrasting colour. Opt for a dark blue or burgundy-coloured tie that adds a splash of colour without drawing too much attention. To complement this colour, you can always pick a pocket square in the same tone or pattern to emphasise this unique colour choice.

If you choose to go with a waistcoat under your blazer, you can also choose with a model that contrasts your blazer. This strong contrast in colours can help you stand out from the crowd in a modern and classy way.

Let the wedding theme reflect in your suit

If you have a specific colour theme for your wedding, the obvious choice is to go with that colour for your suit. Suits are available in all different colours, so there is plenty of opportunities to find the one that fits perfectly with your colour scheme.

This solution is for those who are not afraid to stand out and who are interested in adding a splash of colour. It’s a modern choice to wear a suit in a bold colour. If you decide to go with it, it is an aspect that will certainly create a perfect look and that will give a little extra attention.

A smart/casual look for a beach wedding

In the case of a more casual wedding, for instance, if you have decided on a beach wedding, it can be a little too formal to stand in a fully structured suit and crisp white shirt. Instead, go with an outfit that fits in with the surroundings and atmosphere.

For example, for a beach wedding, you could consider light, neutral tones. This may include a pair of sand-coloured trousers and a relaxed-fit white shirt. If you are going to be completely casual, you can drop the tie or bowtie and wear your shirt opened at the collar. A relaxed, slightly opened shirt will complement the romantic atmosphere of standing on the beach with your loved one.

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