Do you have an upcoming party or special event in your calendar and have no idea what to wear? Well, there are many clothing options when it comes to special events. However, your outfit will often depend on the individual occasion. We have gathered a few ideas for inspiration on what you can wear for your upcoming event or special occasion.

Go for a classic outfit for the wedding

If you are attending a wedding, it is often a more formal celebration where your outfit needs to be extra smart. So, this is where you need to find your smartest suit. The classic look would be a black suit with a matching tie or bowtie, combined with a smart, crisp, white shirt.

However, you can also slightly twist your look. For example, you may want a suit that differs from the classic black – perhaps in a navy or grey colour. However, always read the invite and find out if there are any specific dress codes that you should adhere to. A wedding can go from an intimate, casual affair to a very large, formal reception, so make sure you feel comfortable in your suit for both moods.

Put on a little colour on for the landmark birthday

If you have been invited to a landmark birthday, a full-on, formal suit might not be needed. However, if wearing suits is part of your daily life, then it may not be something to change for the occasion.

If you are more casual, you could go with a slightly more relaxed look, but still look smart and polished. An idea could be to wear a pair of black jeans and a smart blazer to achieve the balance of a smart, casual look.

A pair of nice trousers and a nice shirt is always a good idea for a landmark birthday party. Spice up your look a bit with a tie, or even a bowtie. Sometimes if it's a bigger landmark birthday celebration, the dress code may be a little more formal.

Baptisms – Keep it smart-casual

Baptisms are often characterised by being a little more relaxed parties, where the purpose is simply to enjoy one another's company. So, the atmosphere is generally not as formal. For example, you could go with a pair of chinos or a pair of jeans and combine with a nice shirt. This helps create a balanced, smart-casual look.

The garden party – go all in on the cosy atmosphere

If it is a garden party that is marked in your calendar, it is often a more casual affair, where the good atmosphere is in full swing. Therefore, attend with a smart but comfortable look that shows you are ready for a nice evening.

It is these types of parties where you have the opportunity to showcase a different, bold shirt with vibrant colours or prints. This helps to create a cosy and distinctive look that fits perfectly with the garden party.

For instance, you can wear a pair of shorts if the weather permits, along with a smart polo in an exciting pattern that adds a little colour and life to your look. You can also wear a pair of colourful jeans or patterned shirt that helps create the same look.

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