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Bow tie

A bow tie can be used for anything a tie can be used for, even though some think it’s more formal than a tie and can only be used for formal events and occasions. It’s mainly due to the connection with “black tie” where you wear an evening dress or dinner jacket with a black bow tie. But there are also other bow ties than the black one and they can be used for a more casual look. It can be the color or the fabric that gives the bow tie a more casual look. A bow tie in wool together with a knit and shirt gives a very casual look.


A bow tie is slowly becoming a part of the everyday outfit, and a lot of people would now rather use a bow tie than a necktie, when they’re wearing a shirt and blazer. The bow ties old reputation as only being a part of formal events and occasion is changing and becoming more and more casual.  


How to tie a bow tie

Some people are scared of a bow tie if it’s a self-tie bow tie. And some of them feel that a bow tie is harder to tie than a tie, but that’s not completely correct.  All you have to do is to learn and practice. We have guide on how to tie a bow tie, so there is no excuse in not trying.