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Are you in doubt about which size you need when you buy clothes online? In that case we have collected a size guide for you. Use the guide to see where you need to measure yourself, no matter what kind of clothes you need. We have a guide to blazer and outerwear, pants, shirts, knitwear and leather jackets. 


When measuring the chest you should be measuring tape placed over the shoulder blades and nipples. There must be room for a fingers width between the tape and the chest. 


When you need to measure your waist, place the measuring tape 5 cm below the navel and tighten it slightly. The inner leg length you measure from the top inside of your leg and down to the foot, to know which size you need for pants. 


Note that this guide is only indicative and are you still in doubt, we recommend choosing the largest alternative. Otherwise you are welcome to visit one of our stores and get help from our competent employees.