Voucher terms

When using vouchers, value codes and gift cards at Bertoni of Denmark the following terms and conditions applies.

1. A value code is valid as long as the campaign runs. If there’s no specified expiration date the coupon is valid for 60 days.


2. Value codes issued by Bertoni of Denmark are given as a % -discount or a cash discount. The value code must be used before the payment of your order, and can only be redeemed for online purchases and not in our stores.


3. There can only be redeemed one coupon per. order. You get the value codes when you are a free member of our Bertoni of Denmark customer club, and you will receive them in the mail. The value vouchers are personal and must not be passed on to others.


4. Gift vouchers can not be exchanged for cash.


5. You can use the gift cards full amount or as part of a larger amount of an item. You can not spilt the gift card into several small amounts.


6. If you wish to return an order in which a value code is deducted from, the amount of the value code will not be refunded. Ex. If you shop for 500, - and has a coupon of 100, - you only pay 400, -. If you return this item you will receive only 400, - in return. And you can not claim a new voucher. If you are having trouble redeeming a voucher, please contact our customer service.