Get ready for the New Year in style

New Year's Eve is approaching and the biggest party is upon us. And it obviously requires the right outfit. If you're not going to a theme party or are imposed a dress code by your host, you are free to wear your most stylish New Year outfit. But it can be difficult to navigate the many options you have and therefore we have collected a number of style tips that you can’t go wrong with.


A classic look to the New Year's Eve is the neat suit with a tie or bow tie. Choose a suit in a solid color, it could be black or dark blue, and a white shirt underneath. It will give you a classic look with a formal touch.

Classic New Year's Eve Outfit


New Year's Eve is the best occasion to take a little more daring or over-dressed outfit on. For example, choose a suit with a distinctive pattern or a checkered pattern on. You can also go all-in on your blazer and select it in a nice color that stands out, along with a pair of black pants and a white shirt. This outfit will definitely make the party even more fun.

Modern New Year's Eve Outfit


If you know that you are going to a party where you do not have to wear a full suit, you can also select a nice turtleneck to have underneath your blazer. You can also choose a shirt with a raw look, for example choose a shirt with print.

Casual New Year's Eve Outfit


Are you still a little unsure about what to wear? A few guidelines can help you along the way.

  • Do not wear your work suit. It's a party and it would not be appropriate to wear the suit you use in the office.

  • Select a slim fit suit. For the New Year your outfit can be a little more streamlined and tight, so choose a slim fit that will make you look more stylish.

  • Choose contrasts. It's the year's biggest party and you do not come in a plain suit. Make it a little more fun with some contrasts, for example a colored blazer or a shirt with a pattern.

You can always count on that it's better to be over-dressed than under-dressed on New Year's Eve. This is your opportunity to show of the best of your wardrobe and perhaps stand out. And should you be unsure about the dress code, a sure hit is always the white shirt, as you easily can wear a blazer over the shirt or put on a bow tie or a tie.