Maximum comfort and movability

The Bertoni Super Stretch Suits is designed with the highest level of comfort in mind without compromising the looks of a suit. The point is simple and our stretch suits is proof that it is possible. The materials make sure that you will never be trapped in a stiff suit all day long – whether you are sitting down all day or moving around and showing off houses or cars. The clever composition of materials also means that you should never fear a curly suit when opening your suit case. All in all the days of stiff and curly suits are history!

Super Stretch Suit from the base collection

Unique know how makes a unique suit

All the knowledge concerning design, fit and production is something we have in-house at Bertoni. None of our clothes is made from standard templates from our suppliers. We call our process CMT, Cut-Measure-Trim, because we do all those things ourselves. Your new stretch suit, then, is made on the basis of a solid and thoroughly tested know how only found at Bertoni. All textiles and other samples undergo quality control here in Aarhus by our mastermind Hanne. All of this combined ensures you a suit of the highest quality and perfect fit.

Stretch isn't just stretch!

There is a lot of different stretch suits on the market and sometimes it can be difficult to spot the difference between them. Stretch is stretch, you should suppose? Not quite. Here at Bertoni we honestly believe that our stretch suits are some of the best on the market. We call it The Super Stretch Suit because of its high standard of flexibility. First of all the stretch material is not only located in the outer materials – the lining is super flexibel as well. The stretch material is called ‘4 way stretch’ indicating the ability to stretch in all directions. So maybe you cannot see the difference, but we are convinced you can feel it. Have you ever tried one, you know what we are talking about.

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The choice is yours!

You don’t have to make a decision now or buy a suit here in our online shop. If you have never tried a Bertoni Super Stretch Suit the best solution might be to visit one of our Bertoni suit retailers in your country – as we said, we are convinced you can feel the difference. Have you, on the other hand, tried one and feel comfortable in a Davidsen or Ludvigsen, you can confidently buy another one online. And of course you do not have to buy the suit in just one colour. You can mix and match as you like to make your new Super Stretch Suit as unique as yourself.