Europe as a playground

At Bertoni we have a great focus on European clothing production. One of the main features at the Bertoni house is the pleasure of going to work. This delight comes largely from our good relations with our suppliers, manufacturers and partners. We have chosen to have many of our good relations on board in our European production chain.

That choice comes from a clear business philosophy:

If you have good leverandører, you will get a good products. And if you have good products, you will get satisfied customers.

Mr. Frank

Mr. Frank - our friend and our guarantee of a military precision. Since 1993 Bertoni have worked together with with Mr. Frank, who sits with one of our partners in Poland. Mr. Frank is a skilled tailor from the Polish military uniform industry. Here he has worked at the factories that have produced leave uniforms, which have been used for parades. Mr. Franks has all production techniques under his skin, and his experience from the military clothing industry is worth its weight in gold. Some of the most proven solutions we currently have in fashion come from here - at least when it comes to clothing. Last year, Mr. Frank retired from the production line, but he is still associated with the factory - we still have great pleasure in his oversight.

Europe is the market leader in innovation and technology

At Bertoni, we enjoy the fact that our European suppliers have a strong and innovative approach to the raw materials.
Only in Europe can we get the latest textiles, the latest developments and the latest functionalities. Thanks to European innovators we can produce clothes with stretch - and our customers can experience comfort and mobility in a completely different way. 

Europe is the innovative hotspot of the textile industry - and with European collaborators we can guarantee you a high level of topicality and quality in all our products.

Home of the color nuances

At Bertoni, we time and again feel that the European clothing suppliers have a completely different approach to colors. They have more sense of nuances, they have more freedom for creative combinations, and they have a more individualistic way of thinking about colors. And the color freedom of the European designers will benefit you. It makes it easier - and more fun - for you to create your very own personal and original expression.

Environment, environment, environment

Finally, at Bertoni you will find a completely different awareness of the environment from our European partners. A consciousness that fits well with our codex. In Europe, pollution is being handled. Our partners are subject to European standards, so everything we touch is OEKO-TEX certified. And we know that our production workers work under orderly conditions.