Classic Knitwear

Knit has always been a part of our clothing. The main objective for knitwear is to give isolation and to keep us warm, but it can also give different looks and styles, depending on the type of knit you choose. We have collected 3 classical knitwear styles which gives you a variety of styling options. Which type of knitwear do you choose, if you want or dress formal or casual?




The tight look and high collar is characteristic for the turtleneck. It has a reputation of belonging to artist, philosophers and other intellectuals, but recently gotten more popular by young men, who have been inspired by the artists and their style.


Because of its simple design, the turtleneck gives a more casual look and appearance. You can style your suit with a turtleneck instead of shirt and tie. That way you will keep the formal look, but in a more relaxed and less tight way.



A cardigan is knitted with buttons or a zipper in front. It’s named after James Brudenell, Earl of Cardigan. He was a general under the Battle of Balaclava during the Crimean War, where he wore a knitted west, which later got arms attached to give the cardigang the design we know today.


A cardigan is often used over a shirt and under a blazer. Some see the cardigan as a less formal version of the waistcoat, but works well under formal and casual circumstances. Though it’s more typical used during winter when it’s colder.



pullover is essential all knitwear you pull over your head. An important detail for a pullover is which type of neck it has. Is it a crew or V-neck?  The different necklines offer different possibilities. You can see more of your shirt and tie, if your pullover has a V-neck, and don’t show your t-shirt underneath with a crew neck.  The V-neck shows more of your outfit underneath your pullover, and the crew neck does the opposite.


A pullover is more formal than a cardigan, often labelled as a more casual knit, so the pullover handles better in the office than afternoon tea on Sundays.