Hip to be pocket square

Supposedly, it is said that Richard II of England have invented the pocket square, but it might only be the square shape he can take credit for. We are not quite sure if we believe that people didn't use a piece of cloth to wipe their forehead or nose before Richard II spoke up about the pocket square.


Nowadays, hygiene is at focus and people only use the pocket square as a colorful accessory to their outfit.  Actually, hygiene was the reason for the pocket square to end in the breast pocket.


The reason being the pockets in the pants were filled with dirt, which made the pocket square dirty before it was used. 


Pocket Square


A pocket square shouldn’t be from the same fabric as the tie or bow tie you are wearing. It might seem as the most natural thing that your tie and pocket square should be alike, but a pocket square is a supplement to your outfit and ought to give you more color and personality than your tie or bow tie.


Most blazers from Bertoni have a build-in pocket square. You can pull out the fabric from the breast pocket and get a soft puff fold. 

Hip to be pocket square