History of the bow tie

The origin of bow ties is just like the regular necktie with inspiration from the Croatian mercenaries in the French army during the Thirty Year’s War. Unlike the tie, the bow tie became more formal than military in its usage.


The reason for this is clearly Pierre Lorillard, who helped create the bow tie’s formal statue with his ”Black Tie” events, where the dress code demanded men to wear a black bow tie. 




The bow tie has become a more regular feature in the everyday wear and can give more style and personality to a casual look, without looking like James Bond entering a casino. You don’t have to be restricted to only a black bow tie like at Lorillard’s parties, but try using a striped or pattern bow tie to avoid the more formal look.


Bow ties come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the most common shapes are pointed, batwing or hourglass. Most people use a pre-tied bow tie, because they are scared of a self-tie bow tie. Some people think it’s only acceptable to wear self-tied bow tie, but as long as it looks good, we don’t care if it’s a pre-tied bow tie.


If you want to learn how to tie your own bow tie, you can see how to tie it here.

Beautiful Bow Ties