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Bertoni has designed and produced suits for 30 years.

We have great experience and a large selection of suits.
Remember that you can always get your suit personalized in one of our stores.






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We have a large selection of suits, see below.

Remember that you can always get your suit personalized in one of our stores.

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A versatile suit

Bertoni suit is a class of its own. Our suit has a tight fit, just like a suit should have, and are made in many variations. We have the traditional two-piece suit, three-piece suit, double-breasted suit, travel suits, dinner jackets and many more on the way.

Suits for all occasions

Remember to match your suit with the perfect waistcoat. If you are into a more casual style, you can take a look at our selection of blazers and match them with your favorite pants.

Specializing in suits, we know at Bertoni, there is a wealth of expression when it comes to your suit. There is not just one wedding suit - there are many. And sometimes you can even use the same suit on several occasions. What about a business suit that does not curl when you take it on the road, that you also can wear on a poker night with the boys?

It is the man who must wear the jacket - not vice versa

Since 1972, we have designed and built countless collections over the years. Along the way, we have seen trends come and go. It is naturally reflected in our suit to be adapted to the man. We do not believe that the suit should wear man. It is the man who wears the suit. Therefore, we will launch four collections a year with fresh new designs and materials to choose from. This means that the suits from Bertoni are innovative, comfortable and delicious, which will bring your natural charm out.