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Comfort and expression

Prepare for the unexpected weather conditions, outdoor picnics or a convertible trip with the right outfit - and do it with style. Choose short and long jackets, coats and trench coats in soft wool, leather jackets and other materials. At Bertoni you do not have to choose comfort over style. In outerwear from Bertoni you will feel perfectly comfortable and at the same time look great. The men’s jacket is and will be a statement, whether you want it or not. Jacket trends is moving and has changed greatly over time.
The very meaning of the word "jacket" has changed over time and today embraces over many types of tops, such as blazers, sports jackets and bomber jackets. Previously, a jacket was more a short coat and the bomber jacket was functional - not fashion. But fortunately time changes and at Bertoni the fantastic designs and fashions are also changing.

Currently we see trends for medium-length jackets and a smart-casual balance of the term. The man jacket becomes a unifying piece of outerwear that must be consistent with chinos, print shirts and blazers. Therefore men’s jacket would be simple in design, but let the material beam of quality.

Get help in our shops

It can be difficult to evaluate the fit of your jacket online. We know it and will try to help you the best we can to make the right choice. Therefore our employees in the stores can help you choose just the right jacket that suits you in both look and fit.