The summer is here along with the urge to update the wardrobe to fit the summer trends. But what do we pick and choose for this summer?

To answer this question we turned to Jonathan, our own colleague in Aarhus, Denmark, who had a thing or two to say for this summer.

The first trend pertains to the linen fabric. Linen clothes are in high demand during a hot day because it feels light and is breathable.

Cotton is also a hit for the heat. It's comfortable and casual. A lot of people feel they know the cotton feel from shirts, but try a cotton blazer, pants or an entire suit made of cotton and feel the difference.

The third trend we continue to experience are the printed shirts. We especially see botanical patterns with flowers and palm trees. Nothings screams summer as much as a colored printed shirt with flowers. It has a perfect casual summer look and can be styled in a lot of different directions.


Don't get carried away though, unless you like walking around looking like a tourist originating from Fantasia. Use the printed shirt as the cloting item to transform your male outfit from winter to summer. Let there be no doubt.


The last spotted trend for the summer is the unconstructed blazer. Maybe this requires a bit of an explanation. Simply put, it is a blazer without lining and should pads. The reason for this is to create a lighter blazer and a more natural fit with a comfortable fall over the shoulders. A perfect choice for the summer.