Outfit guide for the Christmas holidays

Christmas Eve and Christmas day is usually associated with a relaxed atmosphere, and therefore a suitable outfit could have a more casual look. But it must of course also be possible to wear a more formal outfit. We have collected some tips on how to dress for the Christmas holidays, whether it needs to be classic, modern or casual.


If you want a classic outfit, you can choose to take a solid color shirt. Here you can choose between the colors red, black or white, or even burgundy, which for sure will capture the Christmas spirit. With the shirt, you can choose to wear a pullover over, which is very appropriate for the holidays.


Would you like to show that you are on the latest fashion in the Christmas holidays, you can choose to take a suit that has a checkered pattern or you can choose to wear an edgy blazer in addition to the shirt. If you need it to be something special, you can choose to wear a velvet blazer, which is a style that keeps reoccurring in the Christmas fashion.


If you prefer a relaxed Christmas Eve, you can instead choose to wear a nice turtleneck along with cropped pants, which we still see in the fashion. It will also be a perfect look for the holidays, where you perhaps would want to relax with the family.


Whether you are into classic or modern, Christmas Eve and Christmas day is not the time where you have many general rules for men's fashion. But generally speaking, a shirt and a pullover would always be appropriate at Christmas, and are used in many different ways.


Instead of a shirt you can also select a turtleneck with a blazer in addition, which will give a formal look and you have the option to make it more casual by loosing the blazer later in the evening.