About leather

Leather is a unique material, which is widely used in the fashion industry. When we think of the material, the leather jacket pops up as the most iconic fashion staple. The material is extremely versatile and holds several good properties, and is used season after season.


First, leather is a soft and natural material, coming from animals. The softness of the material varies from the different leather types but they are all very comfortable to wear. Also, leather is a tensile material that shapes after your body when you wear it. This makes leather an obvious choice for fashion pieces, as a great look in combination with comfort is a good mix.


Second, leather has an insulating property, making it a go-to piece in fall- or spring season where temperatures are not at its highest. At the same time leather is a breathable material, which ensures that you are not feeling too warm.  A leather jacket is thereby a perfect choice for the seasons between summer and winter.


Cool details on a leather jacket

Cool details on a Bertoni leather jacket


Third, leather fibres will hold large quantities of water vapour, which enables leather to absorb perspiration that is later dissipated. This is also a significant factor in comfort, as your leather piece will not get damages if it is exposed to soft rain. However, we do not recommend you to wear your leather piece in direct rainy weather. See also our guide to Care & Maintenance of leather.


Fourth, the material is very versatile and can be styled in many ways. The leather jacket is an iconic layering piece that will work both with a shirt underneath, a cool sweater in a thick woven quality, or a fine turtleneck.  
Altogether, leather is a forever classic that will work season after season, year after year.

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