History of the blazer

The blazer, both the single breasted and double breasted, is probably the most iconic male-wear piece. The blazer is the central go-to piece of clothing as it can be styled in great variety and fits most occasions. Read on, and get knowledge about the history, functions, and how to style your blazer.

The history

The blazer originates way back and has evolved through the years. The two biggest influencers of the blazer seem to be the Lady Margaret Boat Club and H.M.S. Blazer.  The Lady Margaret Boat Club was founded in 1825 by members from St. Johns College, Cambridge, England and they all wore bright red flannel jackets. They were named blazers as the red color blazed. The H.M.S. Blazer got its name as Queen Victoria was to visit the Royal Navy, and the Commander of H.M.S. Blazer created new uniforms for the crew. He invented a uniform, which were double breasted jackets with Royal Navy buttons, and the Queen loved it.
Gradually the blazer became a well-know term for this type of jacket, and today it is seen as an icon of the male fashion industry.

Through Bertoni’s history the blazer has undergone evolution in compliance with current trends and patterns.  Today, Bertoni’s in-house designers and constructors design blazers with a perfect fit and in a variety of both classic and seasonal patterns and colors.


The scissor is a characteristic of the Bertoni Blazer 

The functions and etiquette

The blazer has several details and functions, some more hidden than others and with different purposes.
The blazer can either be single breasted or double breasted. The single breasted blazer has two halves, which button together with one to four buttons, most often two or three buttons.
The double breasted blazer is often more formal and has four, six, or eight buttons, which ties the extra fabric that folds over from left to right.

Most often the blazer has more than one button, and with the buttons come rules for when to button and unbutton. For the single breasted blazer the etiquette tells you to always button your one-button blazer, except when sitting. For the two-buttons blazer use the top button and leave the lower button unbuttoned. For three-buttons blazers button the center (and top if you want) and leave the third one unbuttoned. For the double breasted blazer always button all the waist buttons.

The blazer comes with several pockets, all with a purpose. The upper pocket at the chest should be used for pocket squares only, and the big pocket at the waist is free of use but remember not to overstock the pocket as it ruins the fine lines of the blazer. Some blazers also come with a small ticket pocket placed above the lower big pocket. Originally, this pocket was used for train tickets.

Some blazers have vents or slits in the lower back of the jacket. Either the blazer comes with a single vent, a double or two-sided vent, or ventless. Vents were originally used when riding horses in order to keep the fine lines of the blazer.

At the top of your blazer lapels, you will find a lapel button-hole, which originally was designed to button up the blazer. Now, the lapel button-hole is often used when wearing a boutonniere. The boutonniere is worn on the left lapel and can be latched inside the jacket at the boutonniere latch. Keep in mind that the flower you choose should be appropriate for the occasion, so when going formal choose a white or red flower, and for less formal occasions, more colorful flowers will work.


A Bertoni Blazer with a patch pocket 

How to style

The blazer is very versatile and can be worn both at very different occasions and in a number of different trousers and shirt combinations. You can pair your blazer with almost everything but the key is to think of the event where you want to wear a blazer and determine the level of formality.  
For formal events the blazer works well with a pair of fine trousers, a solid shirt, and a tie. For less formal events the blazer can be paired with a pair of chinos or jeans and a t-shirt or polo shirt.

Find your new Bertoni blazer

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