Expert Knowledge

On this page you can find information about Bertoni and all our initiatives. You can get knowledge about the materials we use, what our different designs concern and where our inspiration comes from.

We believe that the best approach to our costumers is transparency and fairness, and therefore we have here gathered all the information you might need when you have bought a product from Bertoni.

We can tell you the story behind the blazer and how to best care and maintain your wool jacket. Under Style & fit you can find our different styles and what is special about each of them. Here you can find out if you need a Travel Suit or perhaps a Super Stretch Suit.

You can also find information about the various materials and designs we use at Bertoni. For example why you should choose wool as a material or what makes our Bamboo Suits sustainable.

In short, we have collected all our specialist knowledge here and now we pass it on to you! At Bertoni it is important that we know everything about our materials and designs, so we can pass it on to you.