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From casual to formal trousers

The pants trend has changed through times from denim and jeans to chinos, single pants and linen trousers. What is common is a desire for beautiful materials. It is no longer the same pants we wear on weekdays and parties. We've got a more varied wardrobe.

Among other things opened up for is a smart-casual style, where for example, we see the short linen pants with a pair of sailors in barefoot or chinos in a twill weave that can spice up any shirt you throw after it.

Is there a party, we have everything from the party pants that are ready for a trip into down town, or maybe a more formal pair of trousers for an elegant outfit with a shirt and blazer.

Men Trousers with a fit

Pants for men are what we call a necessity in the wardrobe. Whether you need pants to work, for the holidays, in the office, to dinner or to the party, so that means a thought out selection is important.

The selection of pants for men does not mean everything. It is important to find your own style and customize your wardrobe so. At Bertoni we launch four collections a year and with each collection we get better at serve you with new fits and guide you your way to a perfect style.