Join Bertoni Premium today and earn a bonus everytime you shop in a Bertoni store!



As a Bertoni Premium member you save 10% of the total purchase price (and that also counts for articles on sale or special campaign offers!) So if you spend 100 EUR. in a Bertoni store, we place 10 EUR on your Premium account.


After you have acquired a Premium membership you can save up the money and spend it when you have enough to buy e.g. a whole new suit! It's entirely up to you.

Keep track of your premium account in your Bertoni store

So, you may already have a premium membership and want to check your balance, right? You can do that in your Bertoni store. 
In the past, you had the opportunity to check your balance online. Due to technical problems, this is no longer an opportunity. 


However, we are working on a better solution and will notify you, once we have a new solution in place. 


You can learn more about the premium membership in your local Bertoni store. Find your store here

 *Currently, the premium service is only available in stores, not online.
We are working on making signups for Premium membership and Premium purchases available online in the future.
Please sign up to our newsletter to get notified, once available.