The story

The company was founded by Palle Breckling in 1972 in the city of Aarhus (Denmark's 2nd largest city, located in Jutland), manufacturing and selling trousers named 3B Bukser.


Having great succes, Palle Breckling soon expanded his business to include full suits in a modern fit. The brand rapidly developed other products, resulting in Bertoni as we know it today.



“All men should be able to afford a decent suit.“
- Klavs Breckling, Owner of Bertoni




The name, Bertoni, was developed in the late 80’s as Palle Breckling waited for his flight from Milan airport after visiting the city. While waiting in the gate area, the airport staff made several calls for a Mr. Bertoni. Palle Breckling liked the sound of the Italian surname, and decided that it would suit his company’s international look and 3B Bukser became Bertoni of Denmark.  



Bertoni soon became known as the brand with the youngest and most modern fit. Today, the company’s head quarter is based in the town of Beder close to Aarhus with 40 dedicated employees and the new owner Klavs Breckling, son of Palle Breckling. Bertoni is now designing, constructing and manufacturing a full wardrobe ranging from coats, suits, shirts, knitwear, jerseys and leather jackets to a range of fine accessories, all in a most fashionable look with genuine Bertoni of Denmark heritage and great comfort for whatever situation.


Bertoni has 28 concept stores throughout Denmark, Norway and Ireland, and Bertoni’s collections are also available in a range of retail stores throughout Europe and in Robinsons Department Stores in Singapore.