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Suit pants

Suits for all occasions 

Looking for a solid suit, you can se our selected pants on this page, which have an associated blazer. Remember that you can match your suit with the perfect waistcoat, which gives a nice formal look. If you are more a casual style, you only need to take a look at our selection of blazers. 

At Bertoni, we specialize in suits and we know that there are many different ways to express yourself when you need to pick out a suit. There is not a only one suit wedding - there are many. And sometimes you can use the same set for different occasion. For example, you can also use your travel suit for a poker night with the boys. 

A lot of options 

In Bertoni, we have a wide range of blazers and waistcoats which matches the selected trousers. You can also choose to put your suit together across colors or choose the classic style and come in a solid suit.