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Turtleneck is a knitted sweater with a long collar that covers the neck. Some people see the turtleneck as a rebellion against the classic style that is suit and tie, and a turtleneck is often used as a part of a casual outfit. If you’re looking for a comfortable and casual look a turtleneck is a great choice.


There are many ways to style a turtleneck. If you want to be casual, you can style it with chinos and a turtleneck. If you’re going outside you can take a bomber jacket over your turtleneck, and still keep a casual and relaxed look.


If you’re going for a formal look with your turtleneck, you take dress it up with a suit without shirt and tie. The turtleneck will give a relaxed and still formal look.


There are many ways to style a turtleneck, but it will always be more casual than formal, but still possible to get a more formal look out of your turtleneck.