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A versatile suit



We have collected the blazers which you can put together with selected pants and vests, so you will get a solid suit. You can choose to match across color and a more casual look or choose a classic solid color set.

Bertoni suits are a whole class of its own. Our suit has a tight fit, just like a suit should have, and are made in many flavors. We have the traditional two-piece suit, three-piece suit, double-breasted suits, travel suits, dinner jackets and many more are on the way.

Suits for every occasion

Specializing in suits, we know at Bertoni, there is a wealth of expression when it comes to your suit. There is not just one wedding suit - there are many. And sometimes you can even use the same suit on several occasions. What about a business suit that doesn't curl when you wear it on the road, which you also can wear on a poker night with the boys?