If you are going to a gala your clothes needs to be something special and extraordinary. But it is also important that you feel comfortable in your clothes and it might be difficult to know where to even start. We have a created an overview for you right here, so you easily can find out which style or type you like the most. 

Classic Gala



If you are looking for a classic look for the gala, we have a good suggestion right here. Choose a black suit and a colorful butterfly, and possibly a white or colored pocket square for the blazer. This will give you a stylish and classic look for the festive occasion. You can choose a classic two piece suit or perhaps make it all more interesting and more fun with a waistcoat for the suit. 


The classic look for a gala consists of wearing a bow tie and not a tie. A bow tie gives you a more formal look. If you want a classic look, you are not limited to the black suit; maybe you could try a navy or grey suit?  


Classic Gala Suits

Black, blue or grey?

You are certainly no limited to a black suit, when you are going to the gala. It you feel like the black suit is a bit too much, maybe you should try a dark blue suit, which will give you a softer look than the black suit. You can could also choose a grey suit, and maybe choose to wear some colorful accessories, so it doesn’t look too everyday like.


Remember that this is a special night, so don’t be afraid to make a little something extra out of yourself. 
And just so you know, the black, blue and grey suits are all phenomenal at dressing up for big events, and to keep afterwards for more downplayed evenings. It’s all about your own styling.


Bow ties for the suit

All in on the party suit

So, are looking for that something extra and unique? Are you not satisfied with the black and grey suit? Then let’s bring out the party suit!
But a little warning, though - if you are invited to a Gala, please be sure to check the invitation for any requirements, such as “black tie gala” or other. These are important and should be upheld! 



Now, if you are free to go out of bounds a bit, you have several opportunities. First, there is the matter of accessories. You may have thought about colors, but what about material? A silk tie or bow tie will make you look elegant. 




A cashmere scarf to match your tie will make you look sophisticated and well thought out! You’ll be sure to make eyes turn your way. 



And don’t forget about cufflinks. Don’t be discouraged if no-one else is wearing them. They have been a put away for a while, but they are not only stylish – they are practical too! Just make sure to get a nice shirt with cuffs for cufflinks.


This brings us to a very important thing, the shirt itself! 
You might think it’s best to choose a white shirt for a Gala. And you’d be right. But have you thought about material, collar, buttons and the cuffs? 
This is the gentleman’s time to shine with a myriad of downplayed details that all add up to emphasizing the man wearing the outfit. 
There are all kinds of elements to consider – a small, medium or large collar? Just make sure it doesn’t get away from you and can hide your tie or bowtie nicely. Do you want hidden, contrasting or white buttons? How about buttons made from marble?


The white shirt

Well, as it is the Gala, this is your chance to wear a more daring and modern suit. If your dance partner is up for it, you can choose our Super Stretch with a checkered pattern, in either silver or gold color. Dress the suit up with the right accessories, such as a black or blue silk bow tie and cufflinks. This is definitely a suit that will make you the center of attention for the gala party and you can be sure to have dance partners all night long. 



Modern Gala Outfit