Complaints and Safety

What do I do if I see a defect or an error on the products I ordered?

Please contact our customer service if you see anything wrong with your order. Be sure to describe the error or defect along with your order number. 
We will process your order based on your information and likely either exchange the products or refund you the money.

I found a defect or error after my 30 days right of return. What do I do?

In any case, if you find a defect on your products, please contact our customer service. Even though the 30 days are up, we may be able to help you.
Just be sure to inform as well as you can, provide pictures and describe the defect. Then we will assess the issue and hopefully be able to help you.

Am I to pay for freight if there is something wrong with the clothes I received?

If we can establish that there is a defect or an error in the received clothes, Bertoni will send you a shipping label for you to return the clothes without cost.

Please be aware that this regards an approved complaint on the clothes. For ordinary exchanges, please see our Exchange policy.