For travellers we have created the perfect suit made of special high twisted yarn, spun in both directions. When spinning in both "S"-twist and "Z"-twist it provides a firmer construction and lets the fabric turn back into its original position after use.

Therefore, the quality is wrinkle resistant.

The majority of our travel suits are made of wool, so on top of the yarn construction, all the wool benefits are added.

All together perfect for travelling.

T for travel suit

When travelling with your suit, you pray that it survives the journey better than you. But even if you follow the all-time suit-packing-guide, the reality is: wrinkles will emerge on your finest suit. Or anyway, that used to be the case.

The Bertoni Travel suit is wrinkle resistant and it has a very special high twisted yarn spun in both directions, called "S"-twist and "Z"-twist", which gives a perfect construction as the threads are now opposite one another.

This makes the fabric return to its original position whenever it is exposed to any stretch or fold. Now you can pack your Travel suit in your suitcase, or sit down in a long time, without worrying about a wrinkled suit.

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