If there is something that can help you get the right look, it has to be accessories – ties, bow ties, scarves, pocket squares, cufflinks, tie pins or flower pins. Accessories can help to get a business look or a more creative look, depending on if it’s for example a solid color tie or a pattern bow tie, you’ll get two completely different looks.


Almost afraid of accessories

Some people can be scared of a tie or a bow tie, because they don’t know how to tie a tie or a bow tie. We have a guide on how to tie a half-windsor knot or a Windsor knot, and how to tie a bow tie if it’s a self-tie bow tie. So there is no excuse in not getting new accessories.


You don’t have to wear a tie or a bow tie to get the look you want. It can easily be done with a scarf or a pocket square that will give your outfit more color or gives it a more formal look.


An important part of your outfit

It is almost safe to say that accessories are the most important thing in your outfit, because it can help you get a desired look. With one suit it is possible to get a different look by adding different accessories, depending on the look you want. Colorful and patterned accessories give an outgoing and artsy look, where a solid color accessory fits well to the office or occasions that doesn’t require fun and flash.