Leather care

A leather jacket isn’t just for one season. It can last for several years if not a life time. You just have to take good care of your jacket so the leather stays soft, and it will last for many years. Here's some tips you can follow, if you want to take proper care of your leather jacket. 


Preventive care

First, you have to read the instructions in your leather jacket. The different types of leather behave differently, so you should be sure that the products you use don’t destroy the leather. After all it’s an investment. To protect your leather jacket against water damage and other stains, cover your jacket with a water-repellent spray or sealant - preferably before you use the leather jacket. We recommend you using a spray which is free of odor or any coloring effect on the leather. This ensures that your leather jacket don’t get an undesirable odor or discoloration. When you spray your leather jacket, you should be sure to spray the entire jacket, so there isn’t an area on the jacket that is not resistant to water and stains.


Avoid wrinkles and dry leather

To ensure the natural shape of your leather jacket, eliminating wrinkles and folds, you need to hang it on a coat hanger. While your leather jacket is hanging on a hanger, you’re giving the leather a chance to breathe and dry, as long as it doesn’t hang too close to other jackets and blazers. This offers the best conditions for a long lifetime to your leather jacket. However, your leather jacket can be too dry. If this happens, you have to lubricate your jacket with a leather conditioner, which helps to make the leather soft and flexible again. When using a leather conditioner, we recommend that you apply it all over the jacket's exterior, as it may cause changes in the jacket's appearance and color. If you want an even longer life for your leather jacket, it’s desirable to send the leather jacket to a professional cleaner once a year.


Worst-case scenario

If worst-case scenario happens, and your leather jacket is soaking wet, you should never use a hair dryer or other heat sources to dry it. It simply destroys the leather! Instead, dry your leather jacket with a dry towel and allow it to finish drying on the hanger.


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