Spring 2018

Bertoni will start 2018 with the year's first collection - Spring 2018. It is a collection that promises the directions, trends, materials and print that will be the hallmark of the spring season 2018. The collection offers carefully selected and "mixed" looks with a distinctly relaxed style - and a "relaxed", but of course impeccable and sharp tailor-made. There are references that point to eclectic and global currents, but at the same time they are combined into one pure, modernized and authentic expression.

Spring color palette

Spring season offers a wealth of fresh and light colors. Spring also alerts the light - and all the color effects that come from the light's meeting with colors and materials. Colors are one of the cornerstones of the Spring 2018 collection - everything from the power of the blue color to the joy of the red color. The colors help to give the Spring 2018 collection a special feel and unique personality. Some of the colors in the collection include red clay, latte, night sky, washed denim, almond, sand and caviar. It's all classic colors that match the spring season. For Bertoni's designers, a color is "not just a color". Colors consist of a multitude of shades that give a very special edge and rounding to a suit or a shirt.

Important materials for the Spring collection 2018

Some of the most important materials in the Spring 2018 collection are Super stretch, brokade, washed canvas and printed cotton. Super stretch is a high quality material that is ideal for pants, jackets and suits. It's obvious to the office or formal, festive occasions because it does not curl so easily while providing full mobility and comfort. Brokade is a patterned or jacquard-woven fabric that is particularly powerful. It is one of the collection's exciting materials, because it is far from found only in clothes - it is also used for curtains and upholstery. All the materials go hand in hand with the colors, which gives a perfect fresh spring look.

Spring 2018 provides casual, but crisp fit

Although the Spring 2018 collection is casual, light and light, there is still a sharp fit on jackets, blazers and pants. The fit is young and modern; It is self-developed by Bertoni for many years. All designs in our collections are named after Danish or Nordic-sounding names. Both first names and surnames, such as Andersen and Hjalmar. These names refer to all the different fits we have in our range. At the same time, the names help to establish our Scandinavian roots and design traditions.

The collection's inspiration and vision

As with all our other collections, we gather inspiration from all over the world. When we design, we divide into trends and trends that are not only fashionable but also culture, politics, history, etc. As we look outward towards global trends in fashion, we have the feet solidly planted in the Danish mold. Scandinavian fashion traditions are pillar bars in our production. This also applies to the Spring 2018 collection, even if you want to find references in the clothes that extend beyond Scandinavia. It is our absolute ambition to produce honest products of good quality, with a good fit and at a good price. At Bertoni we weigh openness, quality crafts and proactivity. We take the environment seriously, and environmental awareness and sustainability are both ideals that penetrate our organization - from design to production.


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