Brave New World

We are proud to present our Pre-Autumn 2018 collection under the title Brave New World. The pre-collection gives a taste of what to expect later this season. The colour scheme is based on rich classic autumn hues, the collection has a youthful edge and of course the classic Bertoni-signature.

Diversity, openness and creativity

With this collection we invite you to observe the real world – to explore how diverse, inclusive and open it is – offering you a decoratively rich, poetic melded and nuanced season wardrobe.

The collection is celebrating diversity, creating a new hyper-textured look. A rich play of pattern and texture gives way for a creative and personal style, with classic plaid, jacquards and prints.

The season’s prints are an adventure in themselves, which inspires you to go out, and create your own.

Be your own stylist and celebrate creative progress and development with us.

Colours of autumn

The colours of the Pre-Collection are rich and dynamic. We kick start the season with strong red and green tones that saturate into different shades throughout the whole season. To mark the start of the season we are replacing the marine blue with black.

The classic Bertoni-fit – sharper than ever

The Bertoni-signature is a tight fit and youthful look, with comfort as the eternal focal point. A signature developed and refined through many years.

And this season is no exception. In the Pre-Autumn 2018 Collection focus is on comfort, still more relaxed fits, we are adding more stretch to gain ultimate movement and flexibility and then we are putting soft and smooth fabric into play.


For this season we are launching two new styles. A version of Karlsen with a wider lapel, no shoulder pads, half lined and washable. We are also launching a new trouser, Oxlund, with more volume from top to bottom, darts in front, with a dropped crotch. The wider fitis a trend we’ve been expecting for a long time.

After a period of time with a slim fit and a flat front, we now see a more casual boxy fit. Our pre-collection for autumn 2018 is no exception.


Later on this season our party drop is an even more playful extension of the collection, new volumes are seen in luxurious wool, velvet or smart synthetic jacquards weaves.


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Brave New World