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Which blazer suits me?

At Bertoni, we believe that the world would be a boring, monotonous place if we all were the same. Therefore, we want to design various blazers for men that can be worn and matched by your personality and style. For the same reason we update our range with four new collections every year. Then you decide whether you prefer the classic suit or a casual blazer? At Bertoni you can create your own look with our selection of blazers - but we are of course ready with help and advice.

Why should I choose a blazer from Bertoni?

We believe that blazers for men must compliment the man and not the other way. Therefore we hope, when you feel the blazer, that you will appreciate the great quality and perfect fit. In Bertoni we work hard to create designs that are an extension of the man who wears it. It should feel good to wear Bertoni - and it should look exceptionally good!
It is of course also possible to add a waistcoatfor your blazer for added exclusivity. And considering you go all the way with a sleek suit, we promise you that we have put at least as much love in a full suit that we have in our blazers. We have of course a selection of shirts, sweaters and cardigans that can easily compliment our blazers.

What can I expect in a blazer from Bertoni?

We have high expectations for our designs because we know that you have high expectations of us. It takes a confident, style-conscious man to have a critical attitude to the clothes he has in the wardrobe. We feel the same way. Therefore, you can be sure that you at Bertoni get a gentleman blazer with high quality and with a good fit, styling details and a sophisticated cut that mixes classic fashion with trendy designs.