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A tie is an easy way to change your outfit or look, so you can appear exactly like you want. A tie can have a central role in the look you want. A dark solid color tie is a good way to get a business look and is perfect for the office. A red patterned tie will be more colorful and give a more artistic look. But on the other hand a patterned and colorful tie can be perfect for the office is you want to stand out of the crowd.


A tie can help get attention to your outfit by being a great contrast to your suit and shirt. A blue tie to a grey suit or a red tie to a blue suit will give contrast between the suit and tie. It will draw attention and can still be either artistic or business like.


How to tie a tie

You don’t have to be afraid of buying a tie, because you don’t know how to tie a tie. We have made a guide to help you learn how to tie a tie. The guide helps you to a half Windsor knot and a Windsor knot, so there’s no excuse in not getting a tie.