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The most important to know when you’re wearing cufflinks is to have a shirt that fits cufflinks. Your shirt fits cufflinks if it doesn’t have any buttons on the cuff, or maybe it has two buttons with a hole in between the two buttons. If you remove the buttons you can wear cufflinks with your shirt.


The popularity of cufflinks has been up and down. Once, they wear a necessity to close the sleeves of your shirt. Now they’re used as a subtle detail to your outfit. Some place they’re more popular than others. In Britain it’s common to use cufflinks when you’re wearing a suit, but in Italy it’s a rare sight to see men wearing cufflinks with their suit.   


If you’re interested in how to use cufflinks, we have made a styleguide on how to wear cufflinks. You can get inspiration on how to use cufflinks at work, to formal events or to a casual outfit.