Suit care and maintenance

When caring for your suit you have to think about care and maintenance for both blazer and pants. You don’t have to send your suit to dry cleaning as often as you think. It might even ruin the fabric of your suit, if it’s done too often. A couple of times a year, maybe more for you pants, and you should be fine. Unless you get a nasty stain on your blazer or pants then it’s off to your local dry cleaner.


Use a variety of suits and prolong the life of you garment

The best way to care and maintain your suit is to use it once, maybe twice, before you change to another. This prevents you from using you suit too much without rest, and it helps to prolong its life. After each use you have to brush your suit to get rid of dirt and food particles. Afterwards, you should hang you suit in a cloth bag on a wide coat hanger made of wood, so it still can breathe. The wide, wooden coat hanger helps the suit to keeps its shape and fit.


Seasonal suits

If you have a seasonal suit – a wool suit for winter or a lined suit for summer – it’s a good idea to dry clean before you stop wearing it. This ensures that you don’t have any dirt or food particles on your suit, which can be a food chamber for moth or mold. When you get your suit return from the dry cleaner, you should hang it in your cloth bag on the wooden hanger as usual. 

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