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Pullovers and sweaters

A knitted sweater with an O-neck or a V-neck is some of the most iconic menswear you can own. It’s so iconic that it often doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Whether you call it a sweater, pullover or knitwear doesn’t matter, as long as you have something to wear.


A sweater works well with almost everything. You can wear a sweater with a shirt and tie or you can be more casual with a t-shirt under your sweater. It doesn’t matter if you have a t-shirt or dress shirt under you pullover, there’s no reason for wearing a blazer as well.


We can think of a combination that doesn’t work well with a sweater. A pullover and shirt works well at the office and gives a business look, and it works well with a night out.


We have a knitwear style guide where you can get inspiration for your pullover or sweater.