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Pocket Square

As the name says, it’s a square piece of cloth to fold and put in the breast pocket of your blazer. It’s an easy way to get some color in your outfit and show your artistic and creative skills. You can also try a more classical look with a dark suit and a white pocket square.


Pocket Square rules

There are many unwritten rules with accessories, and it’s the same with pocket squares. It’s an unwritten rule that your pocket square shouldn’t be in the same color or pattern like the tie or bow tie you’re wearing. The pocket square has to compliment the tie or bow tie, and it doesn’t have the same effect if it’s the same color or pattern, though it can give a harmonious look if it the same as the tie or bow tie.


How to fold a pocket square

There are many ways to fold a pocket square, and it’s almost an art form in itself. Do you want a classic fold, a fold with one, two or three point or something completely different? The possibilities are endless.