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A belt is one of the most used men’s accessories, and almost everyone uses it every day. When you’re using something every day, it’s important to think about the quality of the product. Our belts are produced in Denmark and are made by hand. It secures the best quality. The leather used for our leather belts comes from full grain leather with the best quality, and it gives your belt a longer lifetime. All our belts are equipped with a nickel free buckle, both our leather belts and our woven belts.


Match your belt with your shoes

If you’re wearing a leather shoe and using a belt, it’s customary to match color of the shoe with the belt. This means that if you’re wearing a brown leather belt you should wear brown shoes, and a black leather belt with black shoes etc.


In our line of belts, we have different types – leather belts, woven belts and reversible belts with to colors, so it can be matched with different shoes.