Bow Tie Go-To Guide

The bow tie is the elegant accessory you should include in your outfits, and is a go-to piece for all seasons.






The bow tie first entered in the beginning of the 19th century and was a modification of its predecessor, the necktie. Pierre Lorillard designed a new style of formal wear, which became known as “black tie” attire, and wore it to a formal ball. Ever since, the bow tie has been a go-to piece and has experienced many changes in form, design and function, going from a piece for formalwear to a piece that is also used for everyday style.  


A bow tie is an easy way to add personality to your look, and it adds a visual dimension, which a classic necktie cannot compete with. Go for a solid colored option before moving to prints and patterns, and style not only with suits but also other jackets, such as a leather jacket or denim jacket.
As the bow tie has a smaller surface it goes well with pinstriped or checked suits but make sure your bow tie is not too large as the key is to keep clear of clown comparison.  If you are going for one versatile bow tie choose one in a solid color or fabric, such as chambray, as it pairs easily with the rest of your closet.


When tying your bow tie there are endless possibilities but keep these three in mind: pointed, batwings, or hourglass. In the video, we give you our guide to the perfect go-to bow tie look. 


If you need advices for the classic tie, watch our How-to guide for neckties.


Bow tie with style