Are you ever in doubt about which dress code is applicable to a given occasion? What colors should you not wear to a wedding? When can you wear the full suit and when perhaps to settle for a plain simple shirt? Do you also ask yourself these questions, we are at your rescue! We have collected a number of occasions, where you might need a few tips on how to best style your outfit. 


For example, if you are heading out for the biggest New Year's party and have not received a dress code, we will guide you through the classic, the modern and the more casual style. Or are you going to a wedding where you would like to know all the standards for wearing the suit? Whether you are going to a casual party or going all-in on a stylish outfit, we are ready to provide tips and advice. 


We can all agree that clothes for men must be elegant, classic and unique. Therefore, we have investigated how you dress the best for every occasion. So are you looking for a blazer for a wedding or a shirt for a party, we can guide you in the do's and don'ts for any occasion, whether it's the Christmas party, New Year, a wedding or a special date with your loved one.