About wool

The soft and fluffy fabric wool is extremely versatile, and it has several possibilities, which other materials such as cotton lacks. That is at least one good reason why you should go for a new woolen piece of menswear.


First, wool can both be woven into thick fabrics with a rich texture, and it can be woven into silky-like threads and appear in a very fine texture. No matter which forms, wool has a special texture that you cannot find in any other materials and it almost give you a special 3D-effect, which personalizes your look and style.


Second, wool is very good when it is cold outside and you need to hold your warmth, and even thin wool styles add warmth to you. Therefore, a woolen piece of clothing is a perfect choice for fall and winter times.


Third, wool pieces hold their shape, allowing you to keep you woolen pieces in many years if they are properly treated. Compared to other materials, such as cotton, the same feature is not seen, and you will have to replace your cotton sweater more often with a new than your wool sweater.


Forth, wool is highly water resistant because of the protective material lanolin, which is a natural part of wool. This means that the wool fibers can absorb the water before it starts to leak, and wool is therefore also widely used in men’s outerwear


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