Wool Care

Many men know how to care for their cotton sweater in contrast to their wool sweater, and maybe it is because wool is perceived as a delicate material. However, wool is actually stronger than many other fabrics and is more resistant to dirt, but there are some few guidelines to follow, which will keep your woolen pieces on point for many years.


Avoid heat 

As wool is a natural material coming from animals, heat can damage its good qualities such as the structure and shape. Therefore ironing or steaming your wool is not a good mix. If your woolen piece gets minor wrinkles, simply hang your woolen piece in the bathroom while showering and the damp in the air will make you wool in shape again.


Don't wash your wool 

As we know by know, wool is water-resistant but this does not mean that woolen pieces can be thrown into the washing machine. Once wool has become so wet that it soaks through it might loose a lot of its strengths. If you by mistake have a wet woolen piece, lay it flat on a table but make sure that there are no stressing edges as it will make the wool out of shape. 

Instead of washing you wool pieces, dry-clean it is the basic method.  Simply hang your wool piece on a wide coat hanger in frosty weather or use a soft brush, and you will have a woolen piece that lasts.


When storing wool, make sure not to expose your wool to heat, light, and insects. Heat, we have already covered and light can fade your pieces over time. Insects also can damage your wool pieces, so make sure to have mothballs in your closet when you store it. If your are hanging your woolen garments, use a wide wooden coat hanger, which will keep the shape . 

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