About Bertoni

Scandinavian design

Our business idea is to design, manufacture and sell commercial fashion garments with a clean, sharp, Scandinavian expression.

Bertoni has a long tradition for making suits, which is our key product. We proudly design, construct and manufacture a wide range of suits in long lasting materials, from leisure time suits to real formal suits.


The perfect fit

Over the years we have successfully developed our own fit for suits: young, comfortable, and following international trends. As we have all know-how in house, from design to construction and pattern making, we have the capacity to proudly manufacture genuine Bertoni garments.

Bertoni presents four annual collections for two different lines: Bertoni White and Bertoni Black. Each brand has its own individual story. White and Black are for the same man, ranging from formal suiting to leisure time. Essential pieces to complete a perfect wardrobe, easy to combine and long lasting in both style and quality.


Our dreams and set of values

It is Bertoni’s core value to make an honest product of good quality and fit, with ambition to offer all garments at an attractive price level, and our set of values are: openness, quality craftsmanship, and pro-activity.

At Bertoni we believe in having respect for the environment, which we operate in, and sustainability and ecological solutions are deeply rooted in our company.

From design to development of our collections, we truly hope our values are visible in the way we approach our customers and business partners.