5 outfits for the layering style

Would you like to upgrade your everyday outfit, the layer-on-layer trend is a good way to do this. Here you achieve a comfortable outfit, because you can easily customize it during the day if it gets warmer or colder, and it fits perfectly into the fall, winter and spring, which can be very changeable.  


To help you along, we have collected a list of stylish outfits that will give you the proper layering style. 



#1 From thin to thick material

A good rule is that the inner layer is the thinnest, for example a shirt or T-shirt. Next you wear a pullover or sweater, and the outer layer is a jacket in addition to the other elements. A good material to have the inside will be cotton that is breathable and as an outer layer you may choose a wool jacket, which provide more warmth.

#2 Choose a color tone

It is important to remember that the colors you choose for a layering style should compliment each other. When you have many layers, you can make the outfit more quietly, by selecting a similar shade of color, such as blue or gray.

#3 Pattern on pattern

You can also involve pattern in a layering outfit, which will make your look more exciting. Here it is important that you do not choose all patterned items. For example, choose a patterned shirt and jacket, but let the pullover be plain. You can also choose to combine patterns, such as a shirt with print and a blazer with a checked pattern.

#4 Knit on knit

For the really cold days, you can also choose to make the layering of knit items. For the inner layer choose a turtleneck and for the next layer a sweater with zipper. Finally, take a blazer or jacket apart, depending on whether it's for work or a casual occasion.

#5 Use different textures

Vary the different textures of the items you choose, you will in return get some life to your outfit. Choose some different materials or select the same material but with different finishes such as cotton and brushed cotton. If you for example choose to go all-in on a black outfit, it may bring it more life, if there are different materials.