Le Nouveau Mèlange


Be daring, be brave, be you!

At Bertoni we are proud to present our new winter collection 2017 - Le Nouveau Mèlange. The winter collection offers a fresh breath in men's fashion with a new, fresh mix of colors. It gives all that, its French name promises, namely "the new blend". Our new "blend" pave the way for new looks and new expressions for you.


New, fresh colors

The collection works with a wide and exciting color palette that plays with colors individually and in daring mixtures in jacquard patterns or classically woven scottish or silvery-patterned fabric. The collection puts colors in all product groups: shirts, knitwear, suits and outerwear styles.
We have experimented with new combinations of exciting and fresh colors. The colors in the collection include petrol, army green, beetle, navy blue and blue tones. From these shades of colors, the collection also slides into warm and new colors such as amber, rusty and deep red.

The style and inspiration


Our winter collection gathers inspiration from the raw and honest nature of the north – in both colors, materials and details. The term is organic and classically masculine coupled with lighter feminine and fine details such as colorful floral print on the shirts.

The classic Scandinavian landscape is a strong source of inspiration in the collection. We will take you on a journey to the Nordic heath, to the reeds in the dunes and to the waves of the sea. The gray weather makes the mind wander to a Nordic noir, but reminds us most of one of Scandinavian design's great accomplishments: to find the beauty of functionality and minimalism.



Like in previous collections, Bertoni distinguishes himself with its creative ways of using textiles. For example, it may be velvet, soft wool or classic woolen fabrics in different structures and patterns.

At Bertoni, we continue to explore design by volume, such as double pleated pants, unstructured blazers and longer uncontrolled outerwear. However, that does not mean compromising comfort. Comfort is a crucial feature of all our styles.



Some of the keywords for Bertoni's winter collection are botanical patterns inspired by vintage wallpaper. An unexpected source of inspiration, which gives very unique and amazing expressions. The original flower print contains all the colors in the collection, and they unite all the elegant blends of qualities and colors in the collection.


Diversity and Individuality


The vision for our winter collection 2017 is to cultivate the joy of diversity. At the same time, the collection is about cultivating the joy of individuality - the joy of having and creating its own personal look. It makes us happy and proud that with this collection we give you the possibility to put together a completely new look for you.


The designer behind the "new mix"

The designer behind Le Nouveau Mèlange has solid roots in the Danish mulch and is what we could call a true forest girl. She has strong Scandinavian values, but at the same time she can look outwards and draw inspiration from all over the world. Her unique ability to interpret the world around us enables her to think both national and international politics and culture into the inner mind of fashion. Winter Collection 2017 is no exception. A beautiful result of an outlook on the world dragged through a completely unique interpretation filter, which "scandinavizes" the final design term.