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Tie pin

A tie pin is a good way to keep your tie in place so it doesn’t wave around. And it’s a great way to add jewelry in your outfit, if you can call it that. The popularity of the tie pin has been up and down, but it seems that people are satisfied for the ability to help keep the tie in place.


The placement of the tie pin

When you’re wearing a tie pin it’s very important the place the tie pin correctly in order to avoid breaking the unwritten rules, and it being pointed out by friends. The tie pin shouldn’t be placed to low, even though it seems natural for it to keep the tie in place. The pin must, if you want to follow the rules, be placed between the third and fourth button on your shirt. That’s the rule of thumb.


The tin pin width

Just like the placement of the tie pin the width of the tie pin in very important if you to avoid protest form your friends. The ideal width of a tie pin is 80 % of the tie’s width.


A style tip for the tie pin is to pull the tie a bit out when placing the pin. It creates space between the tie, the knot and the shirt, which add volume to the look even though you don’t pull out that much.