Light and freshness

One of the biggest trends in Spring/Summer is the light fabrics that are used. It could be linen, cotton, silk or chambray that are mainly used. They give an ease and lightness to your look, and with light summer colors they add freshness to your outfit. There’s also a bigger focus on pleated pants. 


Chambray is a special fabric for this collection and it really is a spring starter. Chambray is a thin denim weave that works well for both shirts and suits. It gives an informal and casual look, which fits well with the light and freshness in our Spring/Summer collection.

Spring Colors

The most important colors in spring and summer is light and fresh color. Light blue, light grey, beige and blue will be the most used colors. They give a light and a freshness to your outfit, which is much needed after a dark and cold winter.

Pleated Pants

Another trend in 2017 is pleated pants, which we already had in our Autumn 2016 collection, but now it’s even more popular. The pleats gives you more space and room for movements, as when you’re sitting down or casually walk with your hands in your pockets. It also adds an extra elegance and volume to your pants and outfit.

Spring / Summer Collection