Mmmh, a warm breeze, the smell of freshly cut grass and the sounds of birds chirping. Yup, the summer months are here. 
And along with the summer we start to feel the urge to kick back, relax and enjoy the leisurely vibe - how lovely! 


But before you pop the rosé and head for the backyard hammock, remember, the laid back summer months are no excuse for careless dressing.


No worries though. We made this little guide, so you can easily make fashionable color choices that are totally in for this summer.
Wanna get into it?

Blue and green color foundation


Okay, we know and love the blue color. So whats new about that? 
Well, nothing much. Oh, just that the blue colors we see just now looks absolutely amazing when combined with the light 
sand and khaki colors, along with the lightweight fabrics that are in this summer.




And the green color? It really is the refreshing colour this season. Not that it is particularly new, but this summer, the green has turned daring. And we love it!
Bring out your natural side and try something new when you wear green this summer. 


Green printed shirts are especially interesting right now. If you are a bit hesitant and don't want to look too distinctive, it's always a good idea to bring out some light and white menswear to balance it all with.



Is it just me or is it hot in here?



Yeah, we know the feeling. Especially when it comes to wearing our business outfit in the summer. The best tip you could probably ask for in that regard? Make the switch to lightweight and breathable fabrics sooner than later. You don't want to end up having to keep the blazer on for the sake of covering up, uhm, shall we say heated areas?


While we feel the above mentioned color combinations are true to the summer tendencies, don't necessarily follow them if it means you have to bring out your thick navy blue wool blazer in July to stay color coordinated. 


You can find great fabric alternatives for the summer. Cotton is a rather cool material along with it being perfectly casual. Linen is both lighter than the traditional fabrics for colder months, and is thermo-regulating - which basically means that is has an innate ability to regulate temperature. A rather convenient ability during the summer, don't you think?