A thermo-regulating and strong material

Okay, it may sound a bit scientific, but thermo-regulating simply means, that the fabric itself has the capability to adjust temperatures, (almost) no matter the environment. Why you should think the world of this bit of news, is that linen in itself can help you keep warm or cool no matter the weather. No more ice cold chills or frying hot days without shade. And that’s not all! Linen has got a lot more to offer.

Feel the loose fit

Clothes made of linen usually have a very loose fit and is comfortable to wear. It is also the reason that the linen is used for suits, which can easily be very heavy and warm clothing. Here the linen suit is more light and comfortable in the warm months. Linen has a natural ability to resist bacterial growth, and is considered to be a cleaner textile. The fabric has a natural antiseptic ability and that is why the material very often has been used as bedding or towels. It also means that linen is an allergy friendly material and will not cause allergic reactions.

Ancient textile


Linen is one of the oldest textiles in the world and was first discovered in Egypt about 4,000 years ago. Here linen fabrics had a very high value because it’s lightweight, strong, has good ventilation and heat adjustment, which was important in warm countries. 


Linen blazer


Linen fabric is super comfortable to the touch and is a very strong material. It last much longer than other types of fibers and, for examples, has a longer life than cotton. The material is also more stiff and shiny than cotton. And this is the reason why linen is a super material for suits, so go out and get yours today!

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