Accessories for your wardrobe

We are pleased to introduce a wider assortment of accessories.

There is a long list of accessories that you can use to spice up your clothes:

Scarves, tie needles, belts, ties, pocket squares,
cufflinks, butterflies, fox pins etc.


Large selection of belts

If you lack inspiration for new belts, then Bertoni has a larger selection of quality belts.

All our belts are both Danish designed and produced in Denmark.


The Pocket Square

The pocket square - or hankerchief - can enhance your style and expression.

We have a large selection of various pocket squares.

See our full range here.


Always ready for party

Are you going to a festive event?
Then consider a butterfly - a good alternative to the tie.

See our selection of butterflies here.


See the entire selection



Below you can browse our entire selection.



Accessories can be an important part of your outfit if you’re aiming for a specific look. A solid color tie can give you a business look, and a pocket square can give you the right touch to look like an artist.


Some accessories seem natural to use and it feels like you’re missing something if you’re not wearing it. A belt is a fine example and something everybody uses almost every day. Then there are accessories you almost never use. It can be flower pin or cufflinks, which often is only used for special events and occasions, but can be used as a part of your everyday outfit.


Another very used accessory, besides the belt, is a tie which can give different looks to the same outfit. Do you want a business look, a casual look, or a colorful and festive look? A tie pin can also give you an extra dimension to your outfit and your look. If you want to avoid a tie, a bow tie is a great alternative, but a bit more formal than the tie, but the bow tie is becoming more and more casual.


One of the most useful accessories, especially in the cold winter months, is a scarf. Here the best materials are wool or cashmere to keep you warm.


You can find the accessories you need to get the look you want at Bertoni. 

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